gauriel (gauriel) wrote in joy_of_slash,

Fic: Puddles and Knots (HP/SS, Humorfic)

Title: Puddles and Knots
Author: gauriel
Pairing: HP/SS
Rating: G
Length: 1515
Warnings: Kind of cracky, silliness abounds.
Disclaimer: Not my playground, just having some fun. Everything you recognize belongs to JKR, a book company, and some movie studios.
Summary: A gift ficlet for alisanne who gave me the prompt ‘caught in the rain’. Also seems to fit with painless_j’s “Snape’s Hair” challenge. Unfortunately, I realized after I finished that this idea had been done before, but I swear I wasn’t aware of it when I wrote it!
A/N: Thank you to everyone who commented on the unbeta'ed posting of this. I will submit it for the challenge. Thank you also to my wonderful betas nicholsa and snapesgirl_62. Do enjoy this bit o' silly! :)

( Puddles and Knots )
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