gauriel (gauriel) wrote in joy_of_slash,

Fic: In Darkness, Shadow and Light (HP/SS, NC-17)

Title: In Darkness, Shadow and Light
Author: gauriel
Pairings: SS/HP
Rating: NC-17
Length: 5333 Words (Thank you unbroken_halo for letting me go over the word limit just a little bit.)
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and company belong to JK Rowlings and her subsidiaries. The poem used in the prompt belongs to black_fire_opal. However no copyright infringement is intended to either party.
Summary: Harry is haunted by dreams from the past, driving him towards an uncertain future with Snape.
Betas: Thank you to my betas florahart, medawyn, and jadzia7667, to my brilliant editor nicholsa, to snapesgirl_62 for the history-picking, and to knightmare_shad for reading it over. I couldn’t have done it without you all.
Author’s Note: Written for the pornicators Mini Fest for black_fire_opal’s request, which may be found here. The title of this story, as well as the poem verse used in it belong to black_fire_opal as cited in the footnote**.

( In Darkness, Shadow and Light )
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