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The Joy of Slash

Elves, men, supermen, wizards, millionaires... oh my!

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This is a private community, born from TRA. All TRA members are immediately welcome, as long as they obey our rules. For those who aren't, we rec fics, talk about fics, discuss slash, share pictures and banners, and generally have a good time. If you'd like to join, you are welcome, as long as you, too, abide by the rules.

Because this is a slash community, we are only open to users who are at least 17 years of age. Right now, we figure if you are old enough to use a computer, you know whether you are 17 or not. If you are not 17, we'll be delighted to see you when you are. Until then, please wait until you're old enough for this community.

We do not promote any one fandom over another; any and all slash is open for discussion.

This is a moderator approval community. What this means is that you must request to join, and then wait for approval.

Do not post fics here! That is not what this site is for. We do have a community, slash_heaven that you are welcome to join to post your fiction.

No flaming. This is firm and absolute. We're assuming since if you're joining here, you know what slash is, and are ok with it. Because we are obsessed with it.

That's about it! Welcome, and join the snarking!